Donalds Hot 100 (top 10 week 37)

A brand-new Hot 100 top 10 chart again with many new names. Trumps twitter feed is the most important source fort his chart. The president was in the angry modes for Obama, Bob Woodward en Robert Muellers investigation. The FBI also suffered angry tweets but the center of his rage this week were the democrats,Meer lezen over “Donalds Hot 100 (top 10 week 37)”

Donalds Hot 100 (top 10)

Trump enemy top 10 week ending Sept. 9 Here is the new enemy top 10 from the Donald. We are looking at the climbers and fallers this week, and we will see the new “Alarmname” . The enemy which turns on the fire alarms at the Trump team. 10-Michael Cohen (former personal lawyer and “fixer” of Donald Trump) Major downfall fort theMeer lezen over “Donalds Hot 100 (top 10)”

The Trumpman Show – 5 -(Trump enemy top 10)

Trump enemy top 10 – week 35 It seems like Donald is making more enemies than friends. And the times when he has friends he fires them and they turned to be the enemy. It is quite difficult for the Donald when all your friends are money orientated. Here is the enemy top 10 fromMeer lezen over “The Trumpman Show – 5 -(Trump enemy top 10)”