Donalds Hot 100 (top 10 week 37)

A brand-new Hot 100 top 10 chart again with many new names. Trumps twitter feed is the most important source fort his chart. The president was in the angry modes for Obama, Bob Woodward en Robert Muellers investigation. The FBI also suffered angry tweets but the center of his rage this week were the democrats, “3000 people did not die in the two hurricanes that hit Puerto Rico. When I left the Island, AFTER the storm had hit, they had anywhere from 6 to 18 deaths.”  The democrats lifted that number to 3000 according to the Donald.

10-Hillary Clinton (crooked Hillary) – Former Democrat Nominee 2016 election

Back in the charts again, Crooked Hillary, pops up regularly in Donalds tweets, she’s a nasty gadfly for Donald

9-Chuck Schumer– senior United States Senator from New York,

Chuck is a democrat and that makes him an enemy, according to Donald Chuck Schumer is a cry baby and an indignant actor.

8-Carmen Yulín Cruz– Mayor of San Juan, Puerto Rico

New on eight, the mayor of San Juan, Donald did an unappreciated great job in Puerto Rico even with a totally incompetent Mayor of San Juan.

7-NFL– The National Football league

The football season has started and Donald doesn’t like kneeling players, they are sort of traitors in the eyes of the Donald and the NFL tolerates these sons of bitches who ought to be fired.

6-Peter Strzok– Former FBI agent, chief counterespionage

A newcomer on the sixth position, peter Strzok. He wasn’t a big fan of Trump and texted it to his girlfriend at the time, Lisa page, a member of the Mueller team. Peter got fired and entered the top 10 enemy list fort that.

5-FBI-Federal Bureau of Investigation

Also new in the chart but many times indirectly mentioned, the FBI. With the absence of Jeff sessions this week the FBI is probably mentioned instead.

4-Robert Mueller -Special Counsel for the Department of Justice

slowly but surely Mueller is rising the charts, like if the Donald is getting a bit nervous. Paul Manafort has also flipped and will talk to Mueller. So Manafort will flip charts also soon, he’s going from the friend chart to the enemy chart. We will welcome him.

3-Barrack Obama – former President

Climbing from 8 to 3 is Obama. He’s getting more and more visible and the Donald hates it, so he is attacking Obama full force. This week Donald is making his enemies sweat about who becomes the new number one and Obama is on his way but he is not there yet.

2-Bob Woodward – author of the book “Fear”, associate editor at The Washington Post

Bob holds his number two position. His book is released this week and on the first day it has sold 750.000 copies. Donald involving his whole team to deny everything and keeps on calling Bob a liar.

1-de Democrats – The Other Side

It’s an unsurpassed jump from seven to one. This week the Donald targeted the democrats. They get blamed for almost anything culminating the denial of 3000 deaths as a result of the two hurricanes on Puerto Rico. According to the Donald there were only 18 deaths when he was there and the democrats increased the number just to make him look bad.


Top of the tips is Michael Avenatti, with Stormy Daniels book ‘Full Disclosure’ Released soon. Also, Avenatti made a fight on Fox news, so he probably will be mentioned soon in Donalds twitter fee

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