Donalds Hot 100 (top 10)

Trump enemy top 10 week ending Sept. 9

Here is the new enemy top 10 from the Donald. We are looking at the climbers and fallers this week, and we will see the new “Alarmname” . The enemy which turns on the fire alarms at the Trump team.

10-Michael Cohen (former personal lawyer and “fixer” of Donald Trump)
Major downfall fort the ex Trump fixer, he is being outnumbered by the many newcomers this week. Because there is a still existing danger threat fort the Donald, Cohen is still in de top 10.

9-Robert Mueller (Special Counsel for the Department of Justice)
Robert Mueller is a steady enemy in this chart, he is falling only 1 place this week but is a casting shadow over the Donald.

8-Barack Obama (former President)
Sirens are calling in the Trump administration. On number 8, rising from 10, there is Obama, he is starting to give speeches again so Donald is giving him nasty tweets (again).

7-“the democrats” (the other side)
The Democrats (Crazy Dems) are of course the arch enemies and with the hearings of judge Brett Kavanuagh they are drawing attention from the president resulting in some angry tweets.

6-the Deep State (a network of officials secretly undermining the President)
New in the list is “the Deep State” an invisible enemy but treasonous according to the Donald. Multiple white house officials who “have vowed to thwart parts” of the Presidents agenda.

5-Nike (worlds biggest sport branch)
Nike is also a newcomer in this chart, they launched a new campaign featuring Colin Kaepernick so in a Pavlov reaction The Donald start twittering negative about Nike which brought them to the number 5 position.

4-Jeff Sessions (Attorney General of the United States)
The DOJ boss is climbing some spots this week, in multiple tweets the Donald gave him the full force. Jeff’s resignation is just a matter of time according to the Donald.

2-Bob Woodward (associate editor at The Washington Post and author of the book “Fear” )
Actually a split second place in the charts this week, The New York Times have to share its place with Bob Woodward. With numerous quotes in the press before publishing the book, the White house reacted as usual saying Bob fabricated stories and the book contain so many lies and phony sources.

2-The New York Times (American newspaper with worldwide influence, won 125 Pulitzer prizes)
Bob has to share with “the Times” because it was this newspaper which published  the anonymous Op-Ed letter about the quiet resistance in the Trump administration. TREASON? Said the president and the Times “must, for National Security purposes, turn him/her over to government at once!”

1-The Anonymous op-ed Writer (senior Trump administration official)
Unanimous at the top of the chart is of course the anonymous writer, there seems to be a national hunt on this person. He or she wrote from inside the white house telling Trump is impulsive, amoral, unstable and ill-informed. “It may be cold comfort in this chaotic era, but Americans should know that there are adults in the room.” Definetely nr 1 this week.
In this chart we had to say goodbye to some enemies from last week. James Comey had to leave together with newcomers Weisselberg, Pecker and McGahn. They will return one day probably because they have spoken to or speaking with Robert Mueller. Were senator Ted Cruz was also in the hot 100, he has now flipped and is entering the Hot 100 Trump friend list. He became a real friend of the Donald now.

The alarmname of this week is Obama, he is back on the road, giving speeches and explaining why it is the Obama years which are the basis of the growth of the American economy. That given is a red flag for the Donald to bash the former president on twitter (again).

Last week tip Bob Woodward made it this week almost to the top of the chart. This week tip is Omorosa, she has many tapes and one of them might come out next week or maybe Kim Jong-Un will make his comeback. In Donald words: We will see.


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