The Trumpman Show – 5 -(Trump enemy top 10)

Trump enemy top 10 – week 35
It seems like Donald is making more enemies than friends. And the times when he has friends he fires them and they turned to be the enemy. It is quite difficult for the Donald when all your friends are money orientated.

Here is the enemy top 10 from the Donald. We are looking at the climbers and fallers this week and we will see the new “Alarmname” . The enemy which turns on the fire alarms at the Trump team.

10-Obama  (former President)
On number 10, Falling from 9, we have good old Obama, it’s an old enemy but he is still getting blamed for many things.

9-“the democrats”  (the other side)
Switched with Obama, the democrats at number 9, They even get blamed more than their old leader.

8-Robert Mueller  (Special Counsel for the Department of Justice)
Down from 4 to 8 is Robert “Bob” Mueller, it’s not to be expected he will ever leave this chart but this week he is overtaken with some strong new entry’s.

7-Jeff Sessions  (Attorney General of the United States)
Also in a free fall from 3 to 7, Jeff sessions. Insulted on a daily basis by the big boss so it seems it’s only a matter of time until he gets sacked.

6-James Comey  (former FBI Director)
At 6 there is James Comey, was initially high in the charts because he was attacked on a regularly base on twitter by the president but at this time he is run over by new entries.

5-Don McGahn  (White House Counsel)
A new entry halfway on the list, Don McGahn. As a Trump lawyer doing some unlimited gut spilling at Robert Mueller is giving Don a number 5 spot.

4-David Pecker  (chairman and CEO of American Media)
From out of nowhere climbing to the number 4 spot, David Pecker. Has a safe full of unpublished juicy stories but now he has given immunity so…… beware Donald.

3-Allen Weisselberg  (chief financial officer (CFO) of The Trump Organization)
Out of the blue on to the bronze, the biggest climber and also the “alarmname” this week, Allen Weisselberg. Chief financial officer of the Trump Organization from 2000, he even worked for Trumps father. Has an incredible knowledge from the Trumps and has given immunity. This has to be the future number one of this chart.

2-“The Media” (the press, everything except fox news)
Down from number one, “the Media”, the well known enemy of the people, always feeding us fake news according to the Donald. Except Donalds fave, Fox news, they are trustworthy.

1-Michael Cohen (former personal lawyer and “fixer” of Donald Trump)
Top of the charts this week is Michael Cohen, Trump’s fixer, used to “fix” some difficulties for his boss including the payment at porn star Stormy Daniels from which he said he did it “at direction of the candidate,” (who became president of the USA in 2017). He pleaded guilty this week.

Unfortunately some enemies had to leave the charts, so the “13 angry democrats” had fallen outside the top 10, so did Omorosa, she was only one week in the charts before taking a fall. She might come back some day knowing she has 200 secretly recorded unpublished tapes. Veteran Hillary Clinton (crooked Hillary) was there from the beginning but ended this week just outside the charts. We shouldn’t be too quick to write her off because she is one of the toughest enemies Donald have.

For the coming weeks we tip Bob Woodward as he is on the verge of publishing his new book “Fear” about the in’s and out’s of the white house.

Because it is gender neutral, “rigged whitch hunt” didn’t make it to the charts.
See you next week with the Trump enemy top 10 of week 36 (or 37)

Please leave a comment if you like it or if i have to translate more of my columns, tnx

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